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  • For us to promote Iranian medical services to the world is a priority and through our cooperation with aioconnect we can now offer our doctors the tools they need to market their services, worldwide.

    Dr. Mohammad Akramihttps://www.aioconnect.com/aio/dr-akrami

  • One of the great features of aioconnect is their SEO. My aio office is now on the first page of google and anyone who searches for me online can visit me directly at my online office.

    Dr. Ehsan Biranghttps://www.aioconnect.com/aio/ehsanbirang

  • Through my aioconnect office I was able to attract new patients who were visiting my country and wanted great dental care. It is a great digital marketing service I would highly recommend for any doctor who wants to become visible internationally.

    Dr. Sara Rajabihttps://www.aioconnect.com/aio/sararajabi

  • As an insurance sales agent I use my aioconnect office as an initial contact point where my potential customers and partners can leave me a direct message using my voice and text messaging system. My office is also on the first page of google for those who search me by name and what to see my professional digital footprint.

    Shahram Aghaeehttps://www.aioconnect.com/aio/shahram-aghaee

  • One of the great benefits of aioconnect is that it allows me to have direct access to my prospects and customers. Given my disability due to a workplace accident that left me in a wheelchair, aioconnect has given me the opportunity to make a great first impression before meeting clients in person.

    Ali reza Ebrahimiyanhttps://www.aioconnect.com/aio/ebrahimiyanalireza

  • As a startup founder having a professional point of presence on the internet adds to my credibility not just to brand myself but also to have access to other business professionals within the aioconnect network. It was one of the best investments I made and would highly recommend it.

    Shahram Saeedihttps://www.aioconnect.com/aio/shahramsaeedi

  • aioconnect has helped me position myself on google in a way no other platform has. Just this feature alone is worth the annual membership fee

    Mana Rashidihttps://www.aioconnect.com/aio/mana-rashidi

  • For our company to go on a trade shows would have meant spending thousands of dollars a year. Now we generate new sales leads from Europe and Asia at a fraction of the cost.

    Mahmoud Kamandlou https://www.aioconnect.com/aio/suroushtravel

  • As international affairs coordinator for the Tehran Chamber of Commerce my aio office is a great way to help promote Iranian business interest while at the same time stay in contact with our international counterparts.

    Hessan Hallajhttps://www.aioconnect.com/aio/hessam-hallaj

  • As a freelance software engineer and graphic designer aioconnect has helped me access real business people who I am now working with from within the aio business network. Now I have more work than I can handle and need to hire others to help out. I highly recommend aioconnect to anyone who wants to start a creative business.

    Milad Goudarzi, Developerhttps://www.aioconnect.com/aio/miladgoudarzi

  • aioconnect is a platform that has given me great exposure but more so it is a complete office suite for anyone who travels a lot and wants his marketing, communication and ebusiness tools packaged neatly from a single point of contact. My aio office goes with me wherever I go.

    Peter Sylvesterhttps://www.aioconnect.com/aio/petersylvester

  • One of the great challenges Iranian business faces is lack of international exposure. Now with aioconnect we have solved that problem and customers can come to my digital office directly and order samples of our shoes and leather that we manufacture.

    Mahdi Timarhttps://www.aioconnect.com/aio/persisleather