Question and Answer

Q - I have a website why do I need an aio?

A -The greatest challenge websites have today is lack of visibility on the Internet radar and a lack of responsiveness. We believe there are two    ways in  how your AIO can be of advantage. The first is that you will be joining a “business network” of   professionals locally, regionally and globally thus increasing the visibility for your website to a target audience of   professionals both within and across industries.   So consider aioconnect an effect way to market your  point of presence on the web.  The second benefit is that we are doing the online marketing for you through our SEO algorithm and user base buildup that will significantly reduce your online marketing spend. As we market aioconnect city by city, state by state, country by country you will be the beneficiary of this marketing effort for FREE.  The other great value is that you are in direct contact with your target audience on a personal level.  Something that no “contact us” page or telephone switchboard can do for you as potential leads will have to jump through hoops on those alternative means of communication.

 Q - I have a contact page where people can directly communicate with me why would I need to go outside of my website to have an AIO?

A. Most if not all contact pages offer either a telephone number that is often connected to an operator or it will have a contact us form where the general public can send their inquiries in the form of an email.   Typically the response rate to inbound inquiries is not that great in either case and this tends to frustrate people who want to do business with you and your organization but get lost in the communication process.   In an age of social connection where everything is at warp speed delays in response is equal to “opportunity lost” for you and your business.   With your personal aio you will not only increase facetime by making yourself and your company visible for instant contact but more importantly the user experience will take place on a single point of contact, aio to aio.   Building connections and establishing relations on a personal level in priceless and the lack of it is detrimental to your business.

 Q - On my website I have a team member page where people can see who they need to contact, what is the advantage of having an aio?

A - The advantage of each of your team members having an aio is creating a world class online user experience by offering an interpersonal connection through a single touch point with all the marketing, communication and sales tools accessible to further the relationship to the next level.  

This will help increase your opportunity to build stronger relationships on a personal level and help you shorten the sales cycle.   From an SEO point of view having more aio’s also means having greater online visibility .

 Q - Why is aioconnect a good sales and marketing platform?

A - We understand online user experience very well and with this knowledge have created an advanced interactive office suite that incorporates all of the key features needed to promote market and sell a product from a single point of contact. From ONE page your visitors can access and download your marketing brochures, see your products, watch your videos, schedule meetings, chat with you online and engage with you directly.      No other product exists on the market with this level of attention on improving relationships as the cornerstone of doing business in the new digital MEconomy. 

Q - We are already on LinkedIn why would we need to be on aioconnect?

A - LinkedIn has three disadvantages. The first is that it has morphed into a resume site with a mix of real and fake profiles.  Second, because the platform has a free version a lot of spams, bots and viruses have penetrated the site and can cause disruption.   And third, the premium accounts cost you an arm and a leg for something we are offering at a fraction of the cost and with far more sophistication and advanced features.     If you are looking for qualified leads, aioconnect is without a doubt the more advanced business social network. 

Q - Why should I spend time on aioconnect?

A. The amount of time you spend on a daily basis is really up to you.  But where we suggest you spending time is in three places.  Your aio message board so you can update others about your business.  The industry group message board where you can share content with others in the group and uploading daily video broadcasts.   The more information you share, the more leads you can create.  Keep in mind other professionals are on aioconnect for the same reason as you, to do business, make deals, sell products and services, buy products and services and build relationships.  The more you make yourself available the better the chances of you connecting with another aio user.

Q - What features does aioconnect have that I would need?

A - aioconnect stands for Advanced Interactive Office. We have added ALL the tools related to sales, promotion,marketing, PR and customers care on a single user interface.  From your file cabinet, to product listing, to video player, to your own office message board, to chat and meeting scheduler all are tools that without a doubt will increase your prospects of doing business in the new Digital MEconomy.  Your alternative would be to spend time and money building a website that would cost you minimum US $5,000 not including the cost of getting your website noticed online which would be an additional US $1,000 a month.  But the web companies won’t tell you that because that’s how they make their money.

Q - Why is your annual membership fee so low?

A.  We have kept our membership fee low in order to attract entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, SMEs, SOHOs and anyone who is thinking about starting an online business but doesn’t have a big budget to begin with.  Our policy is to offer a world class platform and grow with our users.  As you become more successful, so will we from the referrals we get from our users.  Our payment gateway is also key to keeping out bots, viruses, and fake IDs.  So in the long run our community will have an active membership base of “real people who want to do real business”.  And we are happy with that.

Q - What is the Affiliate Partnership Program?

A - Rather than spending millions of dollars in advertising we have found a more successful way of branding our platform worldwide, and that is through our APP or Affiliate Partnership Program. APP is a referral system.  In every "aio" our users get their own APP code and if any one uses that code to register our members get a 40% revenue share.  In other words, from every US $25 annual registration we offer our members US $10 dollars as a referral fee.

 This fee is payable on the 28th of each month and the best part is that it is compound.     So as an example, if an AIO member registers 1,000 new users in one year they will receive US $10,000 in total.  And if in the second year they register another 1,000 new users while the previous users renew their membership as well, they will be entitled to US $20,000 in year two and so on.   This is our marketing model and we enjoy sharing the prosperity within our community.