How to Register on aioconnect

aioconnect is a membership based platform.  It’s one of our ways to guarantee that ALL of our members are “real” people and that our platform is NOT filled with fake ID’s and BOTS (Internet robots) that run scripts on social sites at a very high rate to create fake engagement levels.

We are also an online utility service for business professionals.  Which means the features and benefits you receive from having a personal AIO will help enhance your online business visibility and online marketing and communication reach in a highly professional and structured manner.

Membership on aioconnect is US $25 a year with NO hidden fees.
Let’s get started shall we!

REGISTERING for your aio 


STEP 1.Make sure you have a PayPal account as we use this 3rd party platform as our payment gateway.  It’s also one of the best means of direct transfer of funds once you start listing your productsand services on your AIO.    If you don’t have a PayPal account it takes less than a minutes to create one. Just click on this link to set it up


Step 2. Once you have your PayPal account ready click on the registration form on the top right corner of and fill out the details. Please note that your company / organization name can be ANTHING you want it to be. We are a digital platform for the MEconomy don’t think in terms of physical world rules and regulations. If you are not sure of a name, use your own name and add consultant (e.g Jane Austin Consultancy).

The second point to consider is your AIO URL (your AIO address). We encourage you to use your own name or a name that you would like to be known as, or be found with greater ease on’s search engine. The more “real” this name is the better credibility you will have. Once completed click the “JOIN NOW” to save your information.

Step 3. Click on the "Buy Now" button, you will be guided to the payment page, log in and make the payment and WAIT less than 10 seconds until you are redirected back to aioconnect for confirmation of payment.

STEP 4. Go to the email you used to register on aioconnect. You will receive a message from us with a link. Click on the link to “activate” your AIO.

THAT’s all it takes.  You are now ready to start adding content and image on your profile and company page.  Choose a professional headshotand a high resolution logo.   Once you have done that your AIO office will go LIVE and you can start using it’s features to introduce yourself both to the aioconnect business social network and others.