Features and Benefits

Welcome to the MEconomy with aioconnect.

Bring together the personalized graphic user interface of Facebook, the communication speed of twitter, the professional focus of Linkedin, the document sharing features of dropbox and google hard drive, the product and service centricity of Alibaba, and add everything else you need to promote and market products and services online and you have aioconnect, the first Advanced Integrated Office (aio)
solution of its kind.

Never before has building your personal brand and setting up a professional point of presence on the Internet, post the social media revolution, been easier. And never before has a platform been more focused on improving relationships as a necessary step to bettering business performance and success, locally, regionally and globally.

With aioconnect everything you need to improve your sales, marketing, business development, PR and customer service is integrated on a single point of contact that puts you directly in touch with those who can impact your topline.

With an annual membership fee of US $25 dollars you can now create your personal aio that:

a)   Offers a professional point of presence on the web.
b)   Takes away the hassle of hiring web developers to design a feature rich web presence.
c)   Has all of the communication tools you need to engage with others instantly.
d)   Has a built in Business Social Network that can help you increase your customer base.
e)   Can increase your visibility on the Internet while reducing your online marketing cost.
f)   Has no hidden fees

With aioconnect, your e-Office is ready for BUSINESS the minute you REGISTER.


FEATURES in your personal "aio"

What’s great about aioconnect is the integrated features (business tools) that can help you build your personal brand identity, instantly.

The powerful features include:

Profile Description – this is your default home page where you can add information about yourself, and what you would like the viewing public who arrives at your page to see. We call it your introduction page with a
"call to action" message. What you post here is a great way to help the viewing public better understand more about
you, your background and how they should navigate through your aio.

Business profile – on this page you have an opportunity to talk about your business and provide a credibility background. It’s a section in your aio that helps visitors get to know your domain of expertise

Video Player – in this section you have the opportunity to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos. Videos are today’s most powerful form of communication that can definitely help increasing your profile visibility, online.

File Cabinet – The file cabinet has 2 settings, personal and general. In the "personal" setting, you can upload files that only you can access from the admin page. These files can be your PDF and or office documents such as excel, ppt, JPG or GIF files. The Second is your "general" setting where you can selectively leave files open for the public to access. This is a very effective way to make information available directly from your aio. Brochures, product sample information, sample work, catalogues are all examples of such documents.

Scheduler – the scheduler can help you set your daily, weekly or monthly agenda online with visitors who come to your page. This way others can see your availability and schedule a chat session with you online.

Chat Session  – – this is a great tool that allows for instant communication to build up rapport and ultimately lead to a better working relationship. Using this tool is both effective and powerful as more people are finding it comfortable to chat online.

Message Board – a twitter like feature where you can post the latest events or messages about yourself, your business or your products and services for the network to see and as a result come and visit your aio directly. You also have an internal sales funnel through the category groups we have created so this way you can share information directly to members of those groups and generate leads.

NetworkBuilder – With network builder you can create multiple groups based on your own preferential setting. These networks can be clients, partners, potential customers, friends, and or any other category you wish as a means to advance your business relationship on aioconnect. You can even invite friends who are not on aioconnect to join by sending them an email to join.


DON’T DELAY … REGISTER NOW and start building your personal BRAND in a professional way