Bring together the personalized graphic user interface of Facebook, the communication speed
of twitter, the professional focus of LinkedIn, the document sharing features of dropbox and
google hard drive, the product and service centricity of Alibaba, and add everything else you
need to promote and market products and services online and you have aioconnect, the first
advanced integrated office (aio) solution of its kind.

Never before has building your personal brand and setting up a professional point of presence
on the Internet been easier. And never before has a platform been more focused on improving
relationships as a necessary step to bettering business performance and success, locally,
regionally and globally.

With aioconnect everything you need to improve your sales, marketing, business
development, PR and customer service is integrated on a single point of contact that puts you
directly in touch with those who can impact your topline.

With a affordable annual membership fee you can now create your personal aio that:

a)   Offers a professional point of presence on the web.
b)   Takes away the hassle of hiring web developers to design a feature rich web presence.
c)   Has all of the communication tools you need to engage with others instantly.
d)   Has a built in Business Social Network that can help you increase your customer leads.
e)   Can increase your visibility on the Internet while reducing your online marketing cost.
f)   Has built-in ecommerce products and service listing connected to your digital wallet. AND Has no hidden fees

With aioconnect, your e-Office is ready for BUSINESS within minutes.


What’s great about aioconnect is the integrated features (business tools) that
can help you build your personal brand identity, instantly and start engaging
with potential customers on a personal and professional level.

Features include:


A personal introduction page (aka landing page)
that acts as your central navigation page.


A network builder that allows you to create a sophisticated
directory of contacts with outbound broadcast feature.


A professional company introduction page. This is your
accreditation and validation page.


A text chat feature that helps potential buyers / suppliers /
contacts reach you faster and on a personal level.


A file cabinet system that acts as your public and private hard
drive. You can upload your brochures in pdf and jpg format


A message board internal communication feed with an
industry segmented sales funnel within our business community.


A product and service listing section with ecommerce


A scheduler that allows you to set meetings with other
members within aio and set private appointments for


A video channel builder that captures your audiences
attention. You can post tutorials infomercials, and video
explainers from YouTube, vimeo and apparat, seamlessly.


A purchase order form that allows you to keep track of
customers around the world.


A text and voice message system that acts as your personal
secretary for inbound contacts to your office.


An integrated ecommerce wallet with analytics that can
tell you where your potential customers are coming from.