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Country: Canada

City: Toronto

Hi and welcome to my aio office,

My name is Shahriar Shahabi and I have spent the past 20 years of my professional life in the tech sector working hard trying to figure out ways to make the internet as user friendly and simple to use as possible.

Yes technology can be complicated, which is why after 25 years since the invention of the web 90% of people are still reluctant to use it as a powerful sales tool and purely rely on its reach for marketing at best. Along with my team at aioconnect, we want to change that.  We believe the web has a lot more to offer which is why we have bundled the best tools and features in sales, marketing, communication and ecommerce, all-in-one (aio) from a single point of contact. 

So, to get a feel for what aioconnect is all about please have a look at my file cabinet or watch my videos. I look forward to connecting with you from my aio office to yours.

Best Regards
Shahriar Shahabi  

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