Founder/Creative Director

Personal Profile

Country: UAE

City: Dubai

I started creating natural remedies when I qualified as a Holistic Therapist in 1998 from the International Institute of Health and Holistic Therapies. I later received a Beauty Specialist Diploma in 1999. 

In2015 graduated from a summer fragrance course at The Grasse Institute of Perfumery. I have always been fascinated and passionate about the science and chemistry behind essential oils and set out to create customised Aromatherapy Remedies for my clients in the UK I then expanded my range to Natural Perfumes and Organic Skincare when I came to Dubai and have been selling in the local market for the last 7 years.

I now hold regular Aromatherapy Masterclasses in the UAE which are aimed at beginners and intermediate levels. I focus on teaching about the benefits of essential oils and the art of blending by incorporating bespoke blends into bath and body products.

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