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Country: Iran

City: Tehran

Hello and welcome to my aio office.

My name is Jennifer Drapes and I have been a member of the health and wellness institute of the European Union for over 10 years.  Married to my Iranian husband and living in  Iran I have found my calling.  My lifes mission is to become a “voice for choice” as it relates to food consumption.   

Truth be told there are two reasons why obesity is on the rise and our overall health is on the decline with no end in sight to this epidemic if we don’t seek alternatives.  According to the world health organization over 70% of the world’s population isn’t moving enough and over 60% of the world’s population is making bad food choices as to what we consume on a daily basis.

For this reason I have teamed up with some of the best nutrition companies in Iran and have become their advocates for a healthier way of life, worldwide.   These products are world class, the technology behind them is state of the art and their agricultural harvesting is 100% organic.   If you would like to know more about such products from Iran get in touch with me by leaving me a voice message on my aio office and I will get back to you shortly.

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