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Country: Iran

City: Tehran

Welcome to my aio office

My name is Dr. Ehsan Birang and I am a board certified periodontist and implant specialist from Esfahan university with a fellowship from Beheshti University.

Over the years my patients, both in Iran and overseas, have come to expect nothing but the highest quality of service from me and my staff which is why we have made it part of our benchmark to patient care.  I understand that dental treatments and procedures can be overwhelming and at times can cause discomfort which is why we make sure our patients are fully informed of what takes place during those procedures, every step of the way.

My commitment to your dental health and having that million dollar smile is a guarantee I have sworn to uphold upon graduation and I will honor it with my medical reputation as a dentist.

To get in touch with me please send me a voice message and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Best Regards

Dr. Ehsan Biran



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