Affiliate Partners Program

Believing strongly in the emerging shift that has put economic power in the hands of the individual we have
created an incentive program that would allow our members to generate revenue from the moment they register
with us from any town, city, state or country around the globe.

With a principled belief of "equitable wealth distribution" we have empowered every aioconnect office owner
with a dedicated and personalized "Affiliate Code".

Each user can share their unique code with friends, colleagues and or business associated, and in return,
upon them registering on the affiliate code owner will be entitled to a guaranteed 40% of the registration fee.
In other words, from every US $25 registration they will receive US $10.

We see this MEconomic model as an opportunity to turn networking into a career. Just look at the numbers:

aioconnect - Affiliate Partners Revenue Model
500 sign-ups x US $10 = US $5,000
1,000 sign-ups x US $10 = US $10,000
5,000 sign-ups x US $10 = US $50,000
10,000 sign-ups x US $10 = US $100,000
50,000 sign-ups x US $10 = US $500,000

What's important to note is that your affiliate network is compound. So, if in the first year you were able to
register 5,000 people and in the second year you were able to register another 5,000 people your third year total
registered list will be 10,000, and if they all renew their aioconnect fees, your affiliate revenue will be compound
of both years to a total of US US $100,000 dollars.

The second important point is that you will be rewarded for as long as your referrals continue their registration renewal on So your income is not only compound but potentially for life which can bring great financial security and freedom for you and your family.

The type of people this affiliate partnership would best work for are:

  1. Business connectors
  2. Marketing coaches / trainers
  3. Digital marketing strategists
  4. Motivational speakers
  5. Entrepreneurs with a passion for networking
  6. E-business coaches / trainers
  7. Social media coaches / trainers
  8. International trade specialists
  9. Business Development consultants
  10. MBA and business trainers / coaches
  11. Personal trainers & life coaches
  12. Industry specific specialists
  13. Business Consultants