About Us

aioconnect is the first advanced integrated office platform owned and operated by aioconnect LLC, a digital company headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Our mission is to empower individuals with the right set of marketing, communication and ecommerce tools that can help them become
a “Power Brand” in an ever changing world.

We also believe in the power of group dynamics based on the equilibrium theory of John Nash where he has “proven” that self-interest is best reached when we consider the interest of the group in addition to our own. In a time of rising operational costs, an explosion in social media, faster speed of innovation and greater competition we can serve our best interest if we work towards bettering the interest of others. In this spirit our contribution to the group is to help increase the size of our user base that will positively increase your online and app visibility, increase sales leads and reduce marketing cost all from a single point of contact.



You can reach us at:

info@aioconnect.com for general information about aioconnect,

techsupport@aioconnect.com for technical issues or user related queries and

marketing@aioconnect.com for advertising and promotion opportunities



@aioconnect 2016 is trademarked and protected by law.